New transmission line systems must be designed, constructed, operated and maintained with maximum efficiency and flexibility. EHV Power can provide a full range of engineering, procurement, installation, maintenance and repair services for various underground power systems. In addition, we provide field technical services such as jointing, hydraulic and testing.

EHV Power tailors its service delivery to the needs of its clients – whether that is turnkey installation and repair projects or system maintenance. Our experienced team of engineers, project managers, superintendents, high voltage cable splicers, hydraulic technicians and equipment operators are capable of any job.

Cable system capabilities include:

  • SCFF (Self Contained Fluid Filled) also known as LPOF (Low Pressure Oil Filled)
  • HPFF (High Pressure Fluid Filled) also known as HPPT (High Pressure Pipe Type)
  • XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) Solid Dielectric
  • Tunnels and Vertical Shafts

Authorized Installers:

  • Pfisterer CONNEX cable connection systems sizes 4/5/6

Services and competencies include:

  • Cable system design (electrical and hydraulic) including analysis and calculations for cable support, sheath bonding and pressure maintenance systems
  • Hydraulic system analysis and rehabilitation
  • Installation of high voltage underground transmission cable systems
  • High voltage transmission cable supply, pulling, jointing / splicing, terminating and testing
  • Testing: dielectric fluid testing and processing, witness factory testing, commissioning
  • Feasibility studies, route selection, operational audits, reliability studies, ampacity calculations, pulling tension calculations
  • Preparation of installation and maintenance manuals for new and existing cable systems
  • Work associated with underground installation
  • Ductwork: trenching, directional boring, duct banks, manholes
  • Turnkey installation, contract and emergency service

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