Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Solid Dielectric

Forty-year-old oil-impregnated 138 kV power cables were replaced with solid dielectric XLPE cables in a major city in Western Canada. This two-year project included removing both the two circuits SCFF and two circuits HPFF cable system and installing an encased concrete ductbank and 16 manholes in the downtown core. Asbestos was discovered on the HPFF pipe and proper asbestos abatement procedures were implemented. Despite this setback and even obliging the city’s 10-day major festival, the project schedule was still maintained within two weeks of the original in-service date. A complete restoration was performed along the city’s sidewalks and streets on the utility’s right-of-way. Also included in the scope of work was the disposal of contaminated soil and the installation of steel pipes underneath the railway and LRT tracks.